Women and Technology: JA Philippines’ breaks the gender restrictions in the tech industry in the Philippines through a collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Philippines

The pandemic has drastically changed the students’ learning methods. Since many schools are now shifting their classes online, JA Philippines partnered with Johnson & Johnson Philippines to invent a new platform named EduComics to showcase the beauty of science to students who are interested in STEM2D fields. Through this platform, more and more students have been expanding their skill sets in terms of reading proficiency, problem-solving skills, etc. Not only that, but the platform also offers unique illustrations for students to enjoy the learning experience.

EduComics offers a four-episode series that covers different topics relating to science. Each episode tackles topics that are related to STEM2D. Through this learning journey, students will have the opportunity to explore and understand diverse topics including but not limited to, ecosystems, forces and energy, human body organ systems, matter, and more. EduComics invented a platform that not only helps students to widen their range of expertise in the field of science but also, added colorful and fun-filled graphics to invigorate the state of their mind and body and capture their attention in traversing the world of science.

The program aims to reach 10,000 female students nationwide.

The program’s goal is to inform more girls to the STEM Strand. . A perfect example would be Audrey Pre, a JA alumna from the STEM strand, who invaded the tech industry, to fight for inclusivity and advocates the need to provide sufficient resources for the youth to learn about technology and start-ups.

Audrey Pe, Founder and Executive Director of WiTech which is short for Women and Technology, established her company intending to educate, inspire and empower Filipino youth to break gender barriers and use technology as a means to create a difference in society. She opens up about her main agenda in establishing her company and reveals the stumbling block she encountered and is continuing to encounter today and reached out to fellow women to speak up, connect and empower their quirkiness with their honed skill set in technologies.

“I was 15, I wanted to enter the tech industry but it was as if all these factors around me were telling me that I couldn’t,” said Audrey. “So, I did what any teenager would do when faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem, I googled it. I quite literally googled women and tech. And, I discovered statistics that confirmed my suspicions about the lack of diversity, lack of representation in the tech industry.”

Through STEM education, students – specifically female – creates a flair of ingenuity and creativity which can lead to new ideas and innovations. While enjoying the roller coaster ride of learning, opportunities open up for young women who yearn to experiment and take risks in creating technological advancements for our country and our people. With this purpose in mind, JA Philippines in coordination with Johnson & Johnson Philippines aimed to become a force in discovering the students’ potential – particularly for female students – in using technology for social good and a new generation of Filipino changemakers entering the world of technology with a purpose and the power to excel.