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Who should take the ROM Certification Examination?

The ROM Certification Examination is open to all graduating Operation Management students of different colleges and universities. Entry-level business professionals and graduating business students who wish to specialize in Business Management may also take the exam.

Benefits of the ROM Certification Program

There are huge benefits of acquiring an ROM Certification.

  • It puts a title to your name, “Registered Operations Management.” The title gives you an edge when applying in companies.
  • Passing the examination demonstrates your competency level in operations management to your prospective employers and also gives you an insight of your own skill levels.
  • Taking the ROM also builds your confidence as the examination allows you to know what your skill sets are and what areas you should improve more.

The program also benefits the school. Aside from legitimizing students as operation management professionals, the ROM Certification Program assesses the educational institution’s current curriculum and teaching methods.