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Hello and welcome to Oxford Business Group’s dedicated registration page for the Junior Achievement Marketing Society.

To register, fill in the below form using a valid University email address. Please note that non-University email addresses registered via this page will be regularly checked and removed. This registration page gives free, read-only online access to all Oxford Business Group reports including those behind pay-walls. This subscription gives access to new reports as they are published so remains absolutely current for the duration.

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JA Enterprise without Borders.

Enterprise without Borders® program can be run together with your Company Program in the same year/semester or can be run the following year as a separate next level of the Company Program

Through the EwB web-platform www.jaewb.org, a truly global community of teachers, volunteers and students have access to digital materials and online interactive activities.

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Top Future Professionals 2016

The Top Future Professionals 2016 is an English proficiency program for employ ability training, with a strong focus on career planning and leadership training.

This will serve as a bridge program for youth achievers (recent college graduates or graduating college students) who need to sharpen their English communication skills but basically have the other three skills necessary for success in the 21st century: critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.

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