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You spend a lot of time in school preparing for the real world.  Now, here is an opportunity to make you better prepared for it.

Junior Achievement is a singular achievement of a unique youth development program for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and business leaders.  In JA, you “learn business by doing business”.

JA is a practical economic education program in which you organize and manage your own small scale businesses under the guidance of adult advisers/consultants from the business community, while giving expression to the business sector’ social responsibility.

Junior Achievement was introduced in the Philippines in 1967 and the Junior Achievement of the Philippines, Inc. (JAPI), was formally organized in 1969.  This non-stock, non-profit organization, which serves as administrator of the Junior Achievement program in the country, enjoys the support of the country’s top multinational companies, both local and foreign.  To date, JA has engaged more or less 50,000 students from 50 Metro Manila schools in the art of running mini-companies.

THE JA MINI-COMPANY is the initial program introduced in the country since its founding.  For an eight-month period,

  • you will run your own “mini-company” from capitalization to liquidation,
  • you will establish your “company’s” goals and objectives, incorporate and
  • capitalize (raise funds through the sale of stocks),
  • organize the board of directors and elect officers, manufacture and market a product.
  • maintain a complete financial record system, pay wages, salaries, commissions, and taxes, compile an annual report,
  • liquidate the “company” and return your stockholders’ original investment plus a dividend (if you are successful/profitable).

That is what makes JA so unique.  You will be doing the same things in the running of your JA Company that any adult corporation does, only in a scaled down version.

The JA Program has been endorsed by the Secretary of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as substantial compliance of the practicum, office practice and subject enrichment of students in higher institutions.

But JA is not all work, you will also make new friends, obtain valuable job contacts and references, gain valuable talents, learn something about human nature and yourself, gain insights into many careers and compete for awards and prizes in a variety of contests.That is what makes JA so unique.  You will be doing the same things in the running of your JA Company that any adult corporation does, only in a scaled down version.