As we adapt to this new normal brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, education is shifted mainly onto the online setting and in turn, it would affect the job market. With education mainly online, the need for students with entrepreneurial mindsets and experiences arises. It brings the need for students to be more hands-on with their entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. Now, more than ever, the business sector and entrepreneurship are the keys to create new jobs and adapt to our volatile economic environment. In partnership with 50 corporations and 75 colleges and universities, the program is a great addition to those who will be taking the certification programs. The JA Mini-Company program allows them to be more hands-on as it is a business simulation enrichment program for college students.

Under this program, students will get the chance to practice running a business by applying the business process which includes the following:

  • Run their own mini-company from capitalization to liquidation

  • Establish their own “company’s” goals and objectives

  • Organize board of directors and elect officers

  • Manufacture and market a product

  • Maintain a complete financial record system

  • Pay wages, salaries, commissions, and taxes

  • Compile an annual report

  • Liquidate the company and return the stockholder’s original investment

Online mentoring from those successful in the business industry is also available with sessions delving into the topics of Digital Marketing, Sales and Marketing, Strategy, Finance, and Accounting, Systems Thinking, and Business Analytics. With the online business sector booming, we recognize the impact of online businesses adapting to a more virtual lifestyle — joiners will gain access to our digital e-commerce platform, JA MarketPlace. The Entrepreneurs Skills Pass (ESP), international certification which validates theoretical, factual, cognitive, and practical skills in finance, business, and economics will be offered as well which further strengthens the joiner’s credentials.

This certification is accredited in partnership with JA Europe and recognized by the European Commission. Lastly, to prepare them for employment, we offer Skills to Succeed, an interactive online employability training program focused on building their skills and confidence to choose the right career path, find a job, and succeed in the workplace. The program would not only be a great addition to their resume but the experiences with it would make them even more advantageous as fresh graduates.