What is JA Titans?

JA Titan is an Inter-active online business simulation that offers a unique way for young people to learn what it takes to compete in the marketplace and to run a successful business. JA Titan is design to complement college economics, math and social studies curriculum.

How JA Titan Impacts Students

JA students determine the success or failure of their businesses based on how well they manage key issues such as setting prices, filling production requests, establishing marketing, investing in research and development, and capital equipment. Students analyze situations, apply information under time pressure, interpret and chart data, build consensus, think critically, make decisions, solve mathematical problems, and work together as team members.


Students are on management team of a “virtual” company and need to make a profit in a very competitive industry.
Each student team must make five important decisions each quarter of play:

  • The price of the product
  • How many items to produce
  • How much money to spend in marketing
  • Whether to expand production through capital investment. In plant and/or assets
  • How much money to spend on research and development.
You are the boss. Can your savvy business strategies defeat your online competitors? Find out now!

JA Titan is more than a game. It’s an experience. This fast-paced business simulation tests your skills as CEO of your own company. You are challenged to match wits with industry competitors as you make online “quarterly” decisions in on price, production, marketing, capital investment and research and development.