JA Programs in line with training the students to be entrepreneurial and implement their business ideas

JA Be Entrepreneurial™

JA Be Entrepreneurial, a new high school program, focuses on challenging students, through interactive classroom activities, to start their own entrepreneurial venture while still in high school. One of ten JA programs designed with the specific needs of upper grade students in mind, JA Be Entrepreneurial provides useful, practical content to assist students to transition into becoming productive, contributing members of society.

JA Business Ethics™

Through hands-on classroom activities, JA Business Ethics fosters students’ ethical decision-making as they prepare to enter the workforce and take part in the global marketplace. Students will recognize and analyze theory, terminology, and concepts; apply skills; and evaluate ethical decision-making. Seven required, five supplemental, volunteer-led sessions.

JA Titan™

JA Titan is an Inter-active online business simulation that offers a unique way for young people to learn what it takes to compete in the marketplace and to run a successful business. JA Titan is design to complement college economics, math and social studies curriculum.

JA Economics™

JA Economics examines the fundamental concepts of micro-, macro-, and international economics. Seven required volunteer-led activities.