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 Countdown for the COL-JA Stock Market Challenge 2.0

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Here are the mechanics of the competition:

The COL-JAPI Stock Market Challenge is all about educating the young people in an engaging way about stock market investing. We want the next generation of Filipinos to become informed investors by exposing them with tools, insights and practical know-how so that they can invest with confidence to achieve their financial goals.

The competition provides college students exposure to a virtual platform game that transforms investing on the financial markets into an accessible and engaging learning experience.

The program is designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge associated with the world of business and finance. It provides opportunities for college students to experience firsthand the realities of stock market inspiring the future financial leaders of tomorrow.

It’s an individualized competition open to all currently enrolled college students in the Philippines part of the JAPI network schools.

Registration is FREE and primarily coursed through the JAPI Advisers in their respective schools who will field out official representatives from their school after ensuring that participants have gone through a set of learning sessions and passing a brief assessment to qualify them for an official slot.

The National winning individuals will get the chance to win the following:

  • 1st Place
  • 2nd Place
  • 3rd Place

The challenge is to take the skills learned throughout the program and apply them to make the most money in the virtual platform.

Questions with regards to the technicalities of the competition shall be addressed first to JA Philippines.


  1. The JAPI School advisers will send to JAPI the final list of official entries from their school on or before November 25, 2016.
  2. The said list of students will have a user name with the first 4-character prefix of their school followed by the
    surname and initial of the first name to specifically identify the entry. USERNAME: eg. pupm.apinado.b
  3. The final list will be officially entered in the official COL-JAPI Stock Market Competition
  4. Only one official COL-JA Stock Market Challenge account per duly- registered official participant is required.
  5. Official participants are encouraged to personally learn and conduct the stock markets challenge themselves. They are not to enlist the help of other professionals to do it in their behalf. The organizers reserve the right to finalize the arrangements and set-up as it deems necessary.
  6. There will be a countdown on the final week of the competition reminding participants to secure their respective cash positions before the final deadline.


7.There will be two rounds: only those who passed the registration assessment will be given access to the official competition that will run for 3 months.

8. In this high-tech stock market set up, participants are given a starting portfolio of P1,000,000 in virtual cash to invest in the listed stocks using the COL Virtual Tycoon platform.
The goal is to build the highest portfolio net worth throughout the competition period.

9. The COL Virtual Tycoon platform tracks the stock price movements in the PSE and the system automatically calculates transaction fees to make it realistic. Rankings shall be automatically ranked by the system and constantly updated.

10. The stock universe involved is pre screened based on the 50-day average value turnover minus the high spread and micro-cent stocks.

11. Maximum exposure in one single stock can only be 1/2 or 50% of the portfolio to promote diversification.

12. Any buy or sell transaction is counted as 1 trade. Participants are required to have a minimum of 3 trades per month and can only transact Market orders.

13. At the end of the trading period, the top 10 highest ranking teams will move to the finals round. In the finals they will have to defend their strategies, stock picks, methodologies—basically explaining how they arrived with their trading decisions in a 5-minute presentation. Then, 10-minutes will be given to the panel of judges for Q&A.


14.Top 10 finalist will be selected based from those with the highest final peso cash balance in their official account.

15. The Top 10 finalists will be contacted and briefed on the dynamics prior to the oral presentation and defense.

16. At the end of the competition, teams will be required to a debrief paper detailing their recommended investment strategies

17. For those who cannot go to Metro Manila during the defense day will present through online video call.

18. For the final round, the overall score will be based 100% on the presentation.



  1. What is the COL-JA Stock Market Challenge?

– The COL-JA Stock Market Challenge is an engaging way of exposing the young generation to the realities of the stock market where you create and manage your own portfolio and compete with other players from other schools. This is a powerful tool for building skills, evaluating and tuning your strategy, and gaining important investing experience in the stock market. Each individual challenger is initially assigned Php 1,000,000 virtual play money. The objective is to maximize this amount by intelligently and smartly investing in the Stock Market.


     2. Who can join? 

– Any undergraduate student of ANY course currently enrolled in a Philippine college or university. Past participants in the previous COL-JA Stock Market Challenge can also join except the Top 10 finalists in last year’s competition.


  1. How can I participate? Do I have to pay anything?

– Joining the competition is FREE. To become one of the official representatives of your school, contact the JA Adviser in your respective schools here. They will provide some basic learning materials and a quick assessment tool to ensure your commitment in the challenge.


  1. What if my school in not yet part of the JA network of schools? Can I still join the competition?

–  For those whose school is not a JA Philippines member school, you may still participate in the competition. Contact directly the JA Project Coordinator for the learning materials and assessment tool. We have allocated limited slots under this category.


  1. How do I get started?

– Contact the JA Adviser in your school or the JA project Coordinator and go through the process to be registered as one of the official representatives of your school. Once registered, the link and access credentials will be emailed to you. You will be officially using the COL Virtual Tycoon platform and will be ranked based on your overall portfolio. Details here.


  1. When will it be held?

– The launching/start of the Online Tycoon will be on November 28, 2016 and the actual competition will run until February 27, 2017.


  1. How do I get to the finals?

-The Top 10 individuals who have the highest portfolio amount by February 27, 2017 qualifies for the Final stage. They will be given specific instructions in preparation for the debriefing and presentation of their portfolio. For the final round, the overall score will be based 100% on the presentation.



  1. What are the prizes for those who will win the competition?

-The National winning individuals will get the chance to win the following on top of the certificates, medals and other giveaways:


1st Place: 30, 000 cash

2nd Place: 20, 000 cash

3rd Place: 10, 000 cash


Their respective advisers and school will also get meaningful incentives from the organizers.


  1. If I have a query regarding this competition:

For other inquiries, you are free to contact: Mr. Brinell Ryan C. Apinado, Project Coordinator-JA Philippines in his email:

Other Reminders:

Investment Guide: You may download the link to access the guide–

Always check your respective emails for further announcement/s.

Thank you and Best of Luck Virtual Investors!