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The Business Mentors Club (BMC) was established last August 7, 2008. The BMC is an association of JAPI’s business volunteer advisers coming from top and reputable multi-national corporations and respected entrepreneur organizations in the Philippines. The profiles of the individual members of BMC are varied from their field of corporate expertise that includes Marketing, Finance, Production, and People management. The main goal of the organization is to facilitate JAPI’s mission in harnessing the business management skills of its students through practical and innovative entrepreneurial training.

Objectives of the BMC

  1. To strengthen the relationship among JA advisers
  2. To improve the level of instructions at JAPI through worthwhile projects for the students
  3. To initiate and implement professional enhancement training and other professional/business opportunities for  its members
  4. To help to uplift the status of JA in terms of industry linkages, entrepreneurial promotion and fund raising initiatives of the center