12 Senior High School students from 2 school participated: Negros Occidental Science High School – Provincial & International Christian Academy – Metro Area. The students received a 1:1 mentoring session with Bloomberg that covered the following topics: 1. Feedback and improvement for resume making 2. Job Interview and feedback for improvement.

Overall, the program raised the student’s awareness in career planning and better understanding of future career path and process of employment.


“The mentors are easygoing and approachable. They’ve taught us on how interviews should be done and the possible questions and how you should answer it. This workshop would be a great advantage for us in the future. I’m honored to be one of the students who is chosen to undergo this impressive mentorship. Thank you JA Philippines and Bloomberg for making this event happen! – Johanna Servande

“This is my first time having training like this. I have gained some insight on how job interviews usually go and learned how to put my best self when applying for a job.” – Avienyce Sia

“I learned that if you really want the job, sell yourself. Give everything that you can offer and prove them that you should be hired. I also learned that you have to be careful with your words.The program, as a whole, was very fun and enjoying. Everyone was so friendly and accommodating. The hosts were also a great help in relieving our anxiety and nervousness. They gave us tips on what to do during the interview and what we should expect throughout the program.The interviewer was also very informative and friendly. We had a nice conversation together. She shared her knowledge and experiences freely to me and I am very grateful for that. I also acquired a lot of new knowledge from her.I am really thankful for the facilitators and organizers from JA Philippines and Bloomberg for making it possible.– Gabriel Ann Ationg

“Preparedness is one of the keys towards success.” – Rexie Pedrosa

“The one thing I learned is you need to have a mindset that you need to stand out. Remember that many people already try this. And, you need to make a difference or be different from others for you to remember. There is nothing wrong with being different if you are being honest or being yourself. And, being confident is also a must. Bloomberg solves business challenges with innovative technology, front-to-back-office solutions, and easy-toimplement infrastructure. If you are looking for a company, they got it all. JA Philippines partnership with Bloomberg is an opportunity for me to be part of the training as a student. The mentors, volunteers, and students are amiable. I was so tense at first during the training but it was a relief having good-natured and supportive mentors who motivate me to share my thoughts. During the one-on-one mentoring session, I have learned so much. My mentor gave more personal questions in the interview and advice that could help me enhance my capabilities. I also got lucky that the volunteer from JA Philippines is a graduate of Civil Engineering at the University of The Philippines which is also my dream course and school. I got many tips from them that can help me and see a big world and opportunities ahead of me. ” – Mary Jeff Senido

“How to answer questions in an interview for a job.” – Annika Torres

“I learned that planning for your future is important.” – Sandrica Tan

“How one should manage or present yourself to your interviewer” – Christian Gargar

“Sometimes in a job what they want is not just skills, but a person with good values. – Ms. Ditas Lopez” – Cliff Brian Jacob


“Thank you for making this event happen! I am honored to be part of this. Hoping to see you again in future events. God bless!” – Johanna Servande

“I’d like to thank Bloomberg for this opportunity and the Bloomberg volunteer as well. I am thankful for this training and the advice given to me on how I could improve my resume and interview skills. I think I could use these in my future job opportunities.” – Avienyce Sia

“Hi! It was so fun talking to you. I can see that you are so passionate at your job and has a lot of knowledge. Thank you for teaching me on how to improve my resume and what to do in an interview. It was my first time experiencing an interview and you definitely made it more memorable. You are also really beautiful. That was my first impression about you. I had a great time with you. I hope you and the people you value the most will stay safe and live a happy life. I promise you, the next time you see me, I’m already a rich doctor 😉.” – Gabriel Ann Ationg

“To all volunteers, especially to Ms. Peiqi Chen, thank you so much! You are all amazing, your advices and insights really helped me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I am certain that I will use the tips you gave us in life and in career opportunities in the future. Thank you so much! Keep safe, and God bless! ♥️” – Rexie Pedrosa

“They are amiable and, it was a relief having good-natured and supportive volunteers who motivate me to share my thoughts. Thank you for the opportunity and, I have learned so much. Also, to Sir/Kuya/Engr. Viq, thank you for your advice it inspires me to pursue Civil Engineering like you and go to my dream school. To all volunteers, thank you for your hard work, stay safe and, god bless.” – Mary Jeff Senido

“Thank you to all for preparing this event as it helped me learn and realize a lot of things. I hope that all of you will continue to be an inspiration and a voice to students like me. Thank you for helping and volunteering and I hope to meet you all again.” – Sandrica Tan

“To Sir Rolly, thank you sir for your valuable time and guidance in the matters of the corporate world, I hope that I will be able to utilise it in the near future” – Christian Gargar

“Thank you very much for your noble sacrifice just to teach us kids a valuable lesson that we can use for our future.” – Cliff Brian Jacob