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AXA/JA Insure your Success Program

JA’s curricula teach age-appropriate concepts around spending, sharing and saving money. Students learn about managing risk: taking responsibility for financial decisions, how to make those choices based on prioritizing needs and wants, and then develop a plan for spending and saving. They need to consider real life scenarios and plan for them.

If we want to ensure that the next generation is well-equipped to succeed, the education and business communities need to work more closely together and while students are still in school. JA provides a framework within which business people can interact with students and present important concepts in the classroom in fun and memorable ways. Students have to apply other skills such as math and problem solving and they soon see the relevance of their core subjects.

Junior Achievement (JA) (JA-YE Europe is the Regional Operating Center for JA Worldwide®) is the ideal partner with experience in curriculum development for financial education as well as a global delivery system. INSURE YOUR SUCCESS will combine the industry expertise of AXA with JA’s experience in how to engage with schools and young people.

INSURE YOUR SUCCESS takes students from 12-18 through a short series of lessons led by local AXA volunteers. Such activities give young people a wonderful opportunity to explore and gain confidence in what is often seen as a complex and mystifying topic.

The INSURE YOUR SUCCESS initiative is being developed through a partnership between AXA and Junior Achievement in 5 countries. The initiative started successfully with JA Romania and will now be extended to another 4 countries (including the Philippines and Japan).

Recent JA survey show that 97% people think that young people need to learn about financial management while they are still at school. AXA and JA believe it’s more important than ever to invest in practical programs that improve young people’s understanding of risk and basics of personal finance. Their future livelihoods will depend on it.