“FactSet & JA Careers with A Purpose!”

Tops 1,300 Participants Despite Pandemic

It’s graduation season once again, and for many high school graduates, the next few months will set the tone for the rest of their lives and determine whether or not they are a good fit for the careers they envision themselves having in adulthood.

High school graduates frequently find themselves at a crossroads – not knowing if they will be able to land a job, establish a business on their own, take a higher vocational course, or proceed to college.

Fortunately, for 1,308 senior high school students, they need not feel lost in this familiar but grandiose place called “the real world.”

What many people don’t realize is that choosing the right career is a lifelong process. Their career development depends not just on the school and course they registered for but on nurturing the individual’s talents and strengths. Their chosen field helps them develop the right skill sets to get them work-ready and set up for success.

JA Careers with a Purpose!”, a program spearheaded by the FactSet and JA Philippines, helps students in senior high school understand the importance of work readiness while providing them a strong focus on social studies, business, consumer economics, reading, writing, and mathematics.

Designed to complement the government-mandated Career Guidance Program and partnered with the Department of Education, “JA Careers with a Purpose!” is a studentfocused program that helps students achieve their career aspirations and prepare them in the world of work. These include learning about personal brands and how to prepare jobhunting tools like resumes, cover letters, interviews, and digital profiles.

“JA Careers with a Purpose!” was attended by more than 1,308 participants from 202 schools nationwide involving special education students, thanks to the partnership between FactSet, JA, and the Department of Education – Bicol Region & Negros Occidental.

Around 24 volunteers from FactSet helped to facilitate the breakout sessions of the participants. All 24 volunteers underwent 3-hour training sessions supported by online video tutorials before the start of the program.

During the sessions, students learned the fundamental business and economic concepts, explored their career interests and opportunities, and learned significant principles of financial literacy. The students left positive reviews about their experiences, many calling the episode “life-changing” and saying that it had given them a new understanding of what a career should be and learned about the significant weight in choosing one’s career.

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